Write a Book – Creating a Winning Title and eBook Cover

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Write a Book – Creating a Winning Title and eBook Cover

Welcome to Authorship Tuesdays, where you will discover how (through Leadership TKO™ for Authors) you can becoming a winning influential leader through authorship. You will specifically learn how to WRITE IT, PUBLISH IT, MARKET IT, and PROF-IT (IT= Books) on various TKO platforms.

There are many elements and steps involved with writing and publishing books. However, your title can have a lot to do with how successful your Kindle eBook becomes. And not just how good the words are, but also how it is graphically displayed.

Creating a Winning Title

It should:

  • Be catchy
  • Be memorable
  • Be relevant
  • Come up in search results for your keyword
  • It should be professionally designed, along with the Cover Photo or art.
  • It should not be written in hard-to-read fonts such as scripts.
  • It should never mislead.
  • It should contrast (light vs. dark) with the Cover photo, if it is overlaid on it.

Use existing best sellers as aids in picking a title for your Kindle eBook. No, you’re not going to copy them – but do use them for tips and inspiration.

For example, remember the two specific cookbooks that came up in our “diet” search autosuggestions – “Diet for a New America” and “Diet for a Small Planet”? These search results tell you that any book in this category pre-fixed with “Diet for a…” is going to come up alongside searches for either of these two books.

If you you’re writing a similar style of cookbook and you want to compete with them, strongly consider titling your cookbook “Diet for…” something.

It should also:

  •  Be the right size
  • Be readable

What is the “right size”? That depends on whether the Title is more important in catching peoples’ attention… or the Cover Photo.

Creating a Winning Cover

Don’t skimp here. An amateurish cover can affect your sales more than any other factor. And hire an artist experienced in creating eCovers – one with a proven track record who can point you to samples of his or her work.

Remember that your eCover is most likely going to be viewed on a mobile or on a Kindle Reader, so don’t use complex photos or illustrations – all the detail will get lost.

Keep Titles BIG, so they are easily readable.

Again, use contrast – light vs. dark – to showcase the most important element in the cover and make it stand out.

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