Do Women Lead Well?

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Leading others well is a skill that is intrinsically valued regardless of gender. Still, women are said to be better leaders than men. While there are still more men leading Fortune 500 Companies, the percentage increase of women CEOs is rising at an alarming rate. This can be attributed to several characteristics that women leaders have:

1. Empathy

Women leaders can connect on a much more emotional level with their subordinates or colleagues. Hence, they are considered better motivators because they can relate to how a specific situation or circumstance affects a team member and how they can move forward. Using empathy is very important as it gives the leader a positive outlook and can be used to generate enthusiasm among the team.

2. Self-Reflection

Women leaders are also rather well-versed when it comes to self-appraisal. They gather feedback from others and don’t hesitate to assess themselves on a regular basis. By contemplating on their past actions and behavior, they are able to make themselves better leaders.

3. Relationship Building

Women are also more social in the office. They take time to build and foster relationships as it is crucial in any business. With a deeper understanding of one’s colleagues, it becomes a lot easier to manage or collaborate with them.

4. Acting as Mentors

When things go awry, it’s sometimes hard to maintain one’s composure. Women are great at being mentors and usually lead by example whereas men are quick to put on the drill sergeant uniform. The key to being a good leader isn’t necessarily putting forward expectations. Part of it is also mentoring colleagues or subordinates on how to accomplish these expectations.

5. Acknowledges Mistakes

This is probably one of the biggest differences between men and women. Men are less likely to hold themselves accountable for their actions. Of course, it’s easier to point fingers or beat around the bush. Great women leaders, however, own their mistakes and try to move forward rather than dwell on the current issue.

6. Open Communication

There are times when problems will occur that need additional resources. Male leaders would often resort to quick fixes or solutions that can be generated internally. Female leaders, on the other hand, won’t hesitate to tap one or two different departments to seek assistance or guidance.

Women have the capacity to become great leaders because of their caring and collaborative nature. While skills and talents may be honed, these leadership characteristics should also be developed and practiced so as to truly benefit from them.

So, answer the question at hand, ‘Do Women Lead Well?” ABSOLUTELY! No Doubt! We were BORN TO LEAD!

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