Winning Defined

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Winning, in most cases, is viewed from a sporting perspective. For this reason, this article may have a sports feel to it. I am an active person, enjoying the ability to be mobile. You should as well. Leaders are mobile and should be active daily. Staying active helps you develop WINS in your life and career and aids in you becoming a WINNING LEADER.

I will be elaborating quite a bit on winning within the book to be released entitled Leadership TKO. However, for the sake of this message, it is best to keep it short and sweet. Have you noticed the image above? I have four areas labeled for the purchases of helping you understand my perspective of becoming a winning leader. Winning leaders move on a constant continuum of low to high in four areas.

Area #1: The Mind
Leaders must be consciously aware of their thinking patterns. I recall a thought spoken of by my former pastor. He mentioned that whatever you focus on the longest becomes the strongest in your life. There is truth to this statement. What are you focusing on daily? What are using to development a winning mindset so that you can succeed in leading yourself well first? Mindset is critical the healthy functioning of the other areas I will be discussing below. It takes discipline and being intentional about establishing a healthy mind. This areas will be focused upon in the book as well as on this global blog. A strong mindset creates a WINNING LEADER!

Area #2: The Mouth
The mouth is the part of the body that enables speech to occur. What a leader says is a direct reflection of his or her heart/spirit health. Work on your heart health coupled with your mindset and you will notice an obvious difference in your speech. Yours words will either birth life or death over a person, place or thing. Be intentional about your words spoken daily and watch your WINNING streak continue. Again, get more golden nuggets on speech and becoming a charismatic communicator in the Leadership TKO book.

Area #3: The Hands
The hands symbolizes service. How are you serving others before desiring to be served? Serving requires you to be intentional and should be motivated by love. Without love, your service means NOTHING. Without selfless motives, it will not yield a HUGE harvest. Give and it shall be given to you. This is a part of a biblical scripture but the focus should be so much on what you can get. Check your mind and heart health before serving so that your service is genuine and IMPACTFUL. This will enable your WINNING to become contagious in a great way. More on this concept will be shared in the book as well as throughout this blog.

And finally….

Area #4: The Body
The body is critical to WINNING and Impacting lives. However, most people do not take great care of this one and only earthly temple that you have while here on Earth. We have to manage our bodies well, being aware of what we eat, when we eat it and how we are eating it. We must be aware of how we move it, where we move it and how often we move it. Yes…fitness and nutrition is the key to becoming a WINNING LEADER. What good is it to have wealth and can’t move because of health issues.

Truth is we have ensure that the mind, mouth, hands, body and the driving force – the spirit man- is healthy in order to WIN in life and business. Use what you have and use it for the enhancement of your life and others. You not have both of your arms, legs, speech, etc… but if your spirit man is STRONG and you intentionally want to make an IMPACT in the lives of others, you are WINNING as a leader. You can’t let the cards dealt to you define the end result. You control if you will use what God had given you to help yourself WIN and others WIN around you.

Like Nelson Mandela said:

“….It matters not how strait the gate,

How charged with punishments the scroll,

I am the master of my fate,

I am the captain of my soul.”

Decide to WIN today, right now… in this moment! There is no better time than NOW! Read more on this topic within Leadership TKO and here on this blog.

Thank you being connected here on the Leadership TKO™ global blog!