Wealthy Wednesday – The Wealth “Two-Step” Dance for Speakers

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Speaker friend, welcome to Wealthy Speaker Wednesday, where, on behalf of The ILEAD Company®, I will assist you with strategies of how to build wealth beyond the stage.

Engage in 2 specific actions to build wealth as a speaker. This is the focus of today’s blog message.

Wealthy Wednesday – The Wealth “Two-Step” Dance for Speakers

Passive income is the key to running a successful business. Without passive income and relying upon one-time job opportunities, is just that… a J.O.B.

Wealth Building Step #1

Building wealth only though speaking on stage requires that you constantly get on a stage or behind a microphone. We, as speakers, will continue to sow value with our words but will you desire to continue doing it in your 60s, 70s or 80s 5-10 times a month to maintain your desired lifestyle?

If your answer is “no”, engage in step #1… establish passive income by packaging your message and creating systems to sell it to those in need of it.

Wealth Building Step #2

It is tempting to take your liabilities (i.e. credit cards) and obtain more liabilities (i.e. electronics). Liabilities, in simple terms, are things for which someone is responsible, especially a debt or financial obligation.

Instead, learn how to invest in things that build your net-worth and ultimately, wealth so financial abundance can pay for your liabilities. I’m biased towards recommending gold to you to invest in because it has always increased in value and now has cryptocurrency attached to it. Start learning how to invest in the option of your choice ASAP.

So, there you have, the speaker ‘two-step’ dance. Continue to learn about these strategies by listening to the TKO night show episode that occurs nightly at 9p.m. EST.