Wealthy Wednesday- 21 Traits of Wealthy Speakers

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The ILEAD Company® welcomes you to Wealthy Speaker Wednesday. On Wednesdays, I will assist you with strategies of how to build wealth beyond the stage. More specifically, today, I will share with you what you can do as a speaker to be wealthy and successful. 

21 Traits of Wealthy Speakers

  1. They set good daily habits.
  2. They create goals regularly.
  3. They engage in daily self improvement.
  4. They regularly take care of their personal health.
  5. They make time for relationship building.
  6. They do things in moderation.
  7. They get things done.
  8. They keep a positive outlook on life and business.
  9. They regularly save money.
  10. They reject self-limiting thoughts.
  11. They live within their means.
  12. They read daily.
  13. They limit TV watching.
  14. They do more than what’s required. 
  15. They talk less and listen more.
  16. They never give up.
  17. They spend time with like-minded professionals.
  18. They find and confide coaches and mentors.
  19. They know and keep their ‘why’ in view daily.
  20. They upgrade their skills periodically. 

These are the traits that wealthy speakers possess. Assess where you are and begin to work towards obtaining these traits daily. Thank you for reading the message of the day! Cheers to you and your speaking journey.