Wealth Building – How Speakers Build Wealth Through Obtaining Coaching Clients

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The ILEAD Company® welcomes you to Wealthy Speaker Wednesday. On Wednesdays, I will assist you with strategies of how to build wealth beyond the stage.

The primary goal is to help speakers rise to the call of being a winning leader, where you are consistently growing your influence, impact and income.

There are many ways that speakers can build wealth and not just by hopping on another stage. Speakers can build wealth by implementing supplemental services. One serve that I know that has helped me build wealth is coaching. However, some actually struggle to build the coaching side of their businesses due to the struggle of obtaining clients. Let’s discuss this today – Coaching Client Acquisition.

Wealth Building – How Speakers Build Wealth Through Obtaining Coaching Clients

During this brief message today, I will share with you 10 out of the many ways you as a speaker can obtain coaching clients. Are you ready? Let’s do this!

  1. Volunteer to be a speaker at an event
  2. Set up a vendors table at an event
  3. Connect with people during networking events and plan to have coffee
  4. Talk to your friends and family so that they know what you do
  5. Look for ways to offer your services in online communities (Facebook or Google)
  6. Share your story in Facebook groups so that they can get to know you
  7. Follow up with those who may have expressed interest in your services
  8. Reach out to people in any online or in person courses you may be taking
  9. Watch for opportunities on social media, and
  10. Become a change agent in your community to stand out.

These are all brilliant ideas to assist you in acquiring clients to build your coaching business. What I love most about coaching is if they like your service and learn about your speaking ability, it can also turn into referrals for speaking opportunities. Thus, the cyclical nature of building wealth as an information marketer. 

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