Two days left until…

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So, I have been working with a fitness trainer for three months or so. It has changed the way I view a healthy lifestyle completely. I don’t think the same about health nor do I make some of the same decisions I have made in the past.

There are two days left until the one on one fitness training concludes and I must continue this without the one on one training. There will be consistent followup for three months. This is done to answer questions I have and maintain a small level of accountability. Accountability will be the key to continuing this life style of better health.

I will be sharing, in depth, some recipes I have learned as well as fitness exercises to help those you who believe that #LeadersGetFit and #LeadersEatHealthy.

I have truly enjoyed those difficult moments during the fitness training when I wanted to say “I am done.” However, my trainer encouraged me not to stop and that he was with me every step of the way. As I have shared, this training was part of the vehicle used to help me loose over 10 pounds and 4 sizes NATURALLY without the use of wraps and pills.

The natural way is definitely for who care about their bodies enough to endure the journey instead of rushing the process with the use of unhealthy tools.

I am indeed grateful and anticipate the continuance of this fitness journey!