This Health Challenge is Becoming a …

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This challenge has not been easy since I began. Some days are tougher than others. I am determined not to give in. I am continuing the No bread, No rice and No fries diet removal.

I can honestly say that this challenge is becoming a lifestyle. I can get used to not eating foods that rice when cooked. If it rises outside of you to cook, it will rise inside of you when you eat it. I learned about this from my trainer and it makes complete sense.

Since being on this challenge, I have lost weight, dropped a few sizes and gained more energy. Honestly, there were a few actions I engaged in to obtain these results. I not only changed what I nor may eat, but I also added healthier foods to my meal plan. I added my special healthy water and herbs to my daily diet.

I will be gradually discussing these herbs and sharing with you via video some of the changes I have made. You will also be educated on how you can slowly incorporate exercise in your daily activity plan and get access to herbs that can aid in restoring your body.

Thank you for your well wishes and prayers as I embark upon this health journey. Someone asked me today if I am going to become a full fledge vegan. My answer is however God leads me, I will flow with it. I can honestly do without most meats so we shall see.

The plant life, based on the health of today’s animals (i.e. giraffes) doesn’t look half bad considering how strong they are and gave been since creation. It’s something worth exploring.