The Story of Valencia Griffin-Wallace

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Welcome to Speaker Stories Saturdays, where I have the pleasure of sharing with you the stories of budding and experienced speakers. Today, I present to you Ms. Valencia Griffin-Wallace!

The Story of Valencia Griffin-Wallace

“Parents who do drugs, have kids who do drugs, any questions?”  That commercial defined my childhood growing up with my mother in addiction.  I went from being a happy child with a mom and a dad to living with my mother and stepdad.  I grew up quick, joined a gang and became angry with the world.  Stigmatized and an outcast within my own family because well, I was the difficult one.  Writing was an outlet for me.  In my stories, I could create a normal world where we had money to eat and my cruel stepdad didn’t exist.

I was on a one-woman mission to destroy the people who hurt me, the world and myself because I didn’t care about anything.  My mom was killed when I was 17 and it seemed like no one cared, she was just another unsolved murder in Louisiana.  It wasn’t until I had my son at 20, that I cared about being alive. From that point it became a process of learning and growing.  It seemed like life, or rather death in the form of depression had it out for me.  One bad relationship after another kept me broken.  It wasn’t until I almost accidentally overdosed on OTC medicine, that I realized that not only did I need to live, I actually wanted to.  Part of me growing into who I am was learning how to love me and how to forgive my mother.

My purpose in life is to encourage women from around the globe that they are loved and they can do anything that they put their minds to. Business wise, my  purpose is to get my businesses out to the world for the world to see, and purchase. I am a writer, and my purpose is to leave a legacy for the nine grandchildren that God has blessed me with. I want them to have something in their lives to benefit them.

What is your purpose is in life?

My purpose in life is to empower and change the lives women and young girls.  Through my writing and speaking, I get to do this.  Since my life literally took me from the street (being in a gang) to the sidewalk to the subdivision, I can relate to all socioeconomic statuses.  Women need to learn how to find the strength in them, love themselves enough to want a better life and create strategic goals.  First, I did those things for me and now I teach women how to do that for themselves.

Who or what was most influential in guiding you as you discovered your purpose? Why?
God sent various people in my life at the needed time.  My son was sent as my reason to live and love.  My husband taught me how to receive love and give it to others.  Various friends have spoken over me things they saw in me that I didn’t see including me speaking.  
Are you a business owner? If so, what is your business name and who is your target market? What does your business do? How do you display leadership as a business owner? (up to 200 words only)
Yes, I own Define U, LLC which currently targets women 35-50 who are ready to make a change in their personal and professional lives but keep getting stuck.  I help them believe in themselves and set goals based on their own resourcefulness.  As a business owner, I believe in two things: leading by example (trying new things) and being consistent.  
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