The Rearing of a Global Leader

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Once upon a time, in a far away land……

Remember those childhood stories and how they used to begin with “Once upon a time?” Yes. Its been a while. Honestly, I like to deal in reality so as I share my story, I will be keeping it 100%. There will be no fluff here. However, I will also be straight to the point. Although we like stories, sometimes extra can be too much. I thought it was important for me to mention these points before we jump into the journey of Lakeisha McKnight. Was that okay?

Good! Now, lets get into it!

This lady, myself, was born and raised in Paterson, New Jersey. Remember that movie, “Lean on Me?” Well, that is the city I lived in. It was really rough living in the city. I lived with my mother, grandmother, aunts, uncle and maternal grandparents as well as a few cousins. It was a three story home. I recall my grandmother working as a nurse and my grandmother as a police officer. These two have played an instrumental role in showing me the love in a marriage and sticking together through thick and thin.

Marriage wasn’t always easy with them but I recall one of them always being home while the other went to work. My mother worked a lot as she was a nurse and at one one point was going to school for nursing. Growing up as a kid, I observed the interactions of the adults. They laughed, were upset and laughed some more. They expressed their feelings to one another and tried to keep it real.

It was during my childhood years that I began to understand the importance of communication as it pertains to leadership. Honor truth and communicate at all times. Communication and feeling expression will keep the organization healthy and vibrant.

Let’s continue the story in the next post coming soon!