The Rearing of a Global Leader (Part 2)

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Communication and how to make a marriage work is what I observed as a child as I lived with my aunts, uncle, mother and cousins. My grandparents provided with a foundation for marriage and basic principles shared to maintain a household. There actions spoke louder than their words. 

Both my maternal and paternal grandmothers are alive today. My paternal grandfather passed a few years ago but my maternal grandfather is alive. I am greatful to God for their lives and the legacy they are leaving. 

My grandmothers are natural givers, missionaries. They will give you their clothes off their if you had a need. I remember my grandparents buying items and baking items to give to other family members or those in need. As a result, I dont recall them having a huge lack. I don’t recall a bill not being paid, food lacking, or the house being in jeopardy. And…God continues to take care of them well today. 

My grandparents have taught me the importance of giving, which a trait all leaders should possess. Seek to give. You can’t out give God. 

Besides, a closed fist can’t receive. Let’s continue this journey of my childhood in the next post, shall we?