The Health Challenge is On!

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So, I have been determined for the last three months, to loose 10 pounds, tone up, and turn healthy eating into a healthier me. My goal is to eventually become a vegan.

Now…it has not been an easy ride. I have a husband who does not really have the same goal of becoming a vegan, although is also eating better. My kids, well, one is a picky eater and the other eats what I eat.

I hired a fitness and nutrition trainer and he has been determined to help me reach my health goals. I am grateful for the accountability that having a trainer provides for me. The trainer provides additional fitness and health tips weekly as I meet with him Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the early part of the day.

This weekend, the trainer challenged me to remove bread, fries, and rice from my eating plan totally. Now, lets pause a moment……

Anyone that knows me knows that I absolutely LOVE me some french friends from Chic-fil-a with some special sauce. WHOA! But my health and my goals are most important to me. So, I will be sticking with this weekends challenge.

What does this mean for you? Feel free to join in with me on this no fries, rice and bread weekend challenge. You will be surprised what avoiding these carbs will do for your body and mind. So, the challenge is ON!

I will daily how this challenge is going for me. My philosophy is this….First, train the mind and then the body will follow. For the last three months, my mind has transformed and I determined more than ever to live a better lifestyle. Join me in this endeavor today!