physical fitness

Why Cardio Exercises are Powerful

Everyone has wondered at some point in time which cardio exercise is better. To put it in simpleĀ terms, both low and high intensity exercises will help you to burn off body fat. The question hereĀ is which is the most effective to burn off more body fat. (Okay, so here is a super nerd moment.) When…

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5 Components of Physical Fitness for Women

Physical fitness is the ability to function effectively throughout your workday, perform your usual other activities and still have enough energy left over to handle any extra stresses or emergencies which may arise. I faced a lot of stress many years ago, as I was given three different diagnosis including HPV, which could have led…

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5 Myths To Eliminate about Fitness Exercises

Now, most of us understanding that in addition to adjusting how we eat and what we eat, we must move these bodies in order to really remain healthy. However, there are some thoughts that have lingered for years about fitness that we must knock out first before we begin this fitness journey together. Yes! As…

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