How Does a Leader Impact the Lives of Others?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ylc059jMrA ——————- How Does a Leader Impact the Lives of Others? 00:00:00Well hello everyone Lakeisha McKnight is here. Welcome back to the leadership T.K. O show where we’re helping you the leader so understand what you need to do to win how you do this you must be willing to inspire nations we’re helping you…

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What is Influence?

CLICK HERE to listen to the MP3 ——————- What is Influence? 00:00 Hello Lakeisha McKnight is back at it again. We’re here with the leadership T.K. O Show. I’m excited to be here on today why it’s because today we’re going talk about influence because a part of the mission for leadership team CEO is…

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The Composition of Lady Leaders (New Series Intro)

Leadership is a lifestyle… a choice… and who one is… Female leaders are found in the workplace, at home and in life. What is it that all successful women have in common? They don’t allow the underrepresentation of women in the business world to prevent them from taking the place they deserve at the table….

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