Why Authors Should Also Become Investors

Its Wealthy Wednesday authors! We will discuss via the blog and podcast how to build real lasting wealth as an entrepreneur. Books are a business! Books can also help authors get position to have money work for them. Yes! It can position authors to obtain money to use to invest with. Let’ s discuss why…

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Wealth Building – How Speakers Can Tap Into That Power To Get Wealth

The ILEAD Company┬« welcomes you to Wealthy Speaker Wednesday. On Wednesdays, I will assist you with strategies of how to build wealth beyond the stage. Speakers can obtain money to speak. This is the goal that most speakers desire so that they can make a career from speaking; however, this actually is only the beginning…

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Common Wealth Building Myths

There are some common myths that hold work at home businesses and investors from achieving success. These myths can has a powerful psychological impact on small business owners, stopping them from building wealth, and preventing them from reaching their full potential. Money breeds Money This may have been true pre discovery period, but it is…

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