The Story of Sandra Bradley

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Welcome to Speaker Stories Saturdays, where I have the pleasure of sharing with you the stories of budding and experienced speakers. Today, I present to you Ms. Sandra Bradley!

The Story of Sandra Bradley

I was the only child of my mom and my dad. My mom did everything for me. I was able to go to Catholic school and my mom gave up a lot for me. My mom was very protective of me. The wolves that she tried to shield me from were outside. She did not know we had wolves in our family. My struggles in growing up was being sexually abused from age 6 to 16.

My transition in to adulthood was very hard. I graduated at age 16. I  wanted to go to college but would not stick to the deal my dad wanted. Because of my abuse I was not promiscuous. I did the opposite. I was afraid of even going on a date. I had never been away from home and my mom did everything for me. I did not even know how to comb my hair.  I did not deal with my abuse so I had a lot of self hate, hatred of the church, and hatred of men.

My purpose in life is to encourage women from around the globe that they are loved and they can do anything that they put their minds to. Business wise, my  purpose is to get my businesses out to the world for the world to see, and purchase. I am a writer, and my purpose is to leave a legacy for the nine grandchildren that God has blessed me with. I want them to have something in their lives to benefit them.

I have say God was very influential in guiding me towards my purpose. God placed people in my life through out my journey to help to mold me. These people helped to show me and guide me towards where I am today. God is so loving and so kind. He is so patient with us and keeps us so very close to us.God gave me every book for my grandchildren. ( waiting on the last 2 books).

What one point would you emphasize to inspire your target market? (100 words only)
To never give up and never give in. To know that God is with you and He will never leave you or give up on you. Even when you want to give up, He lifts up instead.

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