Sathya Callender

RE: Other services provided by Lakeisha

Sathya says…

“I was struggling to do public speaking. I didn’t know where to began, didn’t think it was for me. I’ve had the fear of public speaking every since I was in high school. I was the student that didn’t enjoy going in front of the class and sharing my projects and would always try to avoid my turn. Having fear caused me to miss a couple of radio interviews in 2017. Lakeisha McKnight helped me to understand what public speaking really was. She shares tips on how to prepare yourself for public speaking. Lakeisha McKnight helped me to be comfortable with going out there and sharing my message that’s so dear to my heart by the post she share, the conferences she holds, the training, and the leadership calls. I was able to schedule a few radio interviews.

As a result of Lakeisha’s tips, I’ve overcame the fear of public speaking. Without Lakeisha’s help, I would more than likely still have the fear of public speaking and be uneducated about public speaking.

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