Resources to Grow a Speaking Business

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Resources to Grow a Speaking Business

Welcome to Pro Speaker Thursdays, here with the ILEAD Company. Growing a speaking business is NOT easy but its doable. In addition to having a well crafted speech, there are couple of business materials and speakers need to grow a thriving speaking career. The following are examples of items you need in your toolbox to grow a speaking business:

  1. Logo- The first element is logo for your business. Create a logo that will be remembered as a household name so people will remember who you are.
  2. Letterhead- The next piece of business material is the business letterhead. Your letterhead should have your logo on it, that’s why it’s important to develop your logo first because it can be applied to the letterhead, and the letterhead consist your logo.
  3. Press Kit- The third piece of important business material is the press kit or what the people call a public relations kit or PR kit. The press kit includes point number, an introduction of yourself.
  4. Website- The next one is the website. Remember your website is only used as another marketing tool.
  5. Postcard/Fliers- In addition to your website, you need to have postcards. You can able to put a lot more information on the postcard, but if you want it you can get the business card if you choose to.
  6. Business cards- The business card contains basic contact information about yourself which includes your website and who they will contact to book you as a speaker.
  7. Fee Schedule- The next aspect for the business material that’s very important is the fee schedule. It is very important to get an idea of how you are going to market yourself as it pertains to fees.
  8. One Sheet- Create a short paper version of your speaking website so that it helps meeting planners quickly decide if she are a good fit for their events.
  9. Demo video or Reel – Every speaker needs a video that displays your speaking in action. More specifically, they want to observe your engagement with the audience and your energy. 

Would you like a guide that shares more speaking tools needed? CLICK HERE to join the group on FB where the guide will be provided.

Cheers to your speaking career journey!