Public Speaking Techniques – Writing an ‘On-Point’ Introduction (Part 2)

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The ILEAD Company® welcomes you to Talk Tuesday. On Tuesdays, I will assist you with talk and speech delivery nuggets. The primary goal is to help speakers rise to the call of being a winning leader, where you are consistently growing your influence, impact and income. There are various parts that make up a great talk. However, without a great introduction, you will loose your audience. Let’s continue to break down creating a great introduction.


Public Speaking Techniques – Writing an ‘On-Point’ Introduction By Sharing Your Credibility

There are many factors that make a speaker credible. To access your own credibility, you should check several things to verify that you are credible to speak on a specific topic. These things include the speakers’s experiences, results, education, and reputation.

Speech Credibility Factors

  1. Experiences: A speaker must have had some length of experience being connected to the topic he or she is speaking on to be able to sow value into the audience members.
  2. Results: The proof is in the pudding. What can the speaker share that has worked for him or her that proves that those can duplicate the results or do event better.
  3. Education: What formal or informal training has the speaker obtained that enables him or her to speak on that topic? Meeting planners may search for this obtain or within the speakers marketing materials. 
  4. Reputation: What are others saying about this speaker that makes him or her worth listening to? Meeting planners and audience members will look at your website, media kit and other areas to confirm that the speaker should be connected to their event. 

Therefore, if you are a speaker, consider briefly hitting on these during your intro and perhaps through the talk in subtle ways to build trust a bit more with the planners and especially with the audience members. 

I actually go into depth about these topics and much more on Tuesdays during Talk Tuesday and especially during one on one services inclusive of coaching, consulting and mentoring. Personalized help can help customize solutions and help for your situation and place you many steps ahead of the crowd of speakers. CLICK HERE to connect with me on social media to gain more value in this area.