Power of Affirmations (Intro)

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Power of Affirmations (Intro)

Affirmations are statements said with confidence about a perceived truth. In this report, the terms affirmations and statements are often interchangeable. However, when referring to the positive statements used to help you make changes, the term “affirmation(s)” is used/preferred.

Affirmations can be either negative or positive. Let’s begin with negative statements and affirmations first, because they may block or limit your successes, without you even realizing it. The more you understand about negative statements, the easier it will be to identify, counteract, and overcome them with positive belief statements or affirmations, and other tools.

Negative Statements

You have experienced positive and negative affirmations. But you may vividly remember a negative statement that hurt your feelings or made you feel bad about yourself. This is the case with most negative statements. They tend to include negative words such as don’t, won’t, am not, can’t, shouldn’t, and never, among others.

With a negative statement, you probably feel a strong emotion such as fear, anger, pain, sadness, worthlessness, etc. Even when a statement is inaccurate or untrue, a part of you still remembers how it made/makes you feel and automatically accepts the statement as being true or possible, on some level.

Because strong emotions are linked to negative statements, the memories and effects are likely to stick with you and nullify or override positive statements. As an adult, you may discover that negative statements, made during your childhood, still affect how you see yourself and others.

Positive Statements

No matter what part of your life you want to change, positive affirmations can help you achieve your goals. However, there are no quick fixes, so don’t expect any. Changing your thoughts, beliefs, habits, and parts of your life take time. If something is deeply engrained, it may take longer and more effort to achieve your goal. But, positive affirmations can support and enhance your progress from the first day by helping you…

  • Develop a positive outlook,
  • Broaden your opportunities,
  • Counteract negative statements,
  • Focus on and achieve healthy goals,
  • Increase your confidence,
  • See yourself as a beautiful person,
  • Change unhealthy behaviors,
  • Take control of your life,
  • Respect and love yourself,
  • Modify your thought patterns,
  • Persevere to make progress,
  • Motivate yourself to take action, and so much more.