How to Build Determination Needed for Wealth Attraction (#GROWyourINCOME)

Repossession…Bankruptcy…Debt…Homelessness..Medical Bills…
These are concerns that anyone can face. And no, it does not feel good. However, we can do something about it. We can rise out of those financial troubles and move from a financial prison to a palace. We, as women, can “GROW OUR INCOME!”
With determination, education and execution, we can RISE and achieve financial freedom. Determination is the focus of podcast episode #1 within this initiative.
You might not want to be rich but may want to achieve financial freedom. It is possible and The ILEAD Company will help you position yourself to achieve it. Stay plugged in here on social media and the blog for daily wealth building nuggets connected to “GROW YOUR INCOME” wealth building initiative for women.

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