Plank: Fitness Exercise to Strengthen the Core

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Plank: Fitness Exercise to Strengthen the Core

Planks are one of the top core strengthening exercises around and do a fantastic job of toning up all the muscles in the midsection of your body. This helps to improve your posture when you’re out jogging and protects against lower back pain.

Planks require no equipment so to perform them, simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Place your forearms on the ground in front of you, extend your legs out behind you, then raise your body off the ground and balance on your toes and your forearms.
  2. Once you are fully balanced, straighten your back, tighten your core muscles and hold the plank position for as long as you can manage.
  3. Once you can’t hold the plank any longer, rest for 1 minute.
  4. After 1 minute, repeat steps 1-3 two more times.

Hope you enjoyed an exercise that can strengthen your core that joggers and other fitness conscious individuals use to get fit. Be sure to join me and others within the Fit to Lead program to access beauty secrets, healthy recipes, training from fitness experts and so much more!

Cheers to your fitness journey!