Marketing – How Word of Mouth Marketing Helps Speakers Get Booked

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Welcome to Marketing Monday here with The ILEAD Company LLC®, where I help you, as a speaker, leverage marketing your knowledge and story to grow your influence, impact and income.

On today, I will be sharing with you how critical is for speakers like yourself to have a marketing plan and consider various options to promote your brand. More specifically, you will learn a bit more about word of mouth marketing and how it can help you get booked for speaking opportunities.

Marketing – How Word of Mouth Marketing Helps Speakers Get Booked

Word of mouth marketing (WOMM) describes the unpaid method of promoting your business (product or service) whereby satisfied customers tell others about their experience. It has become even more powerful across social media and especially on Facebook.

WOMM has been considered as one of the best forms of promotion because it is honest and credible, creates buzz and encourages transparency amongst those sending and receiving information.

How does WOMM Help Spread the Word About Your Speaking Business or Brand?

WOMM works in one of two ways: through sharing or referrals. Let’s compare these options briefly.

  1. Sharing – Sharing involves someone asking you to check out a product, service, or event. When someone wants to spread an idea, they usually share links to articles, videos, or blogs. This benefits whoever the individual shared the material with at that time. Normally, sharing occurs because a ‘share’ button is accessible.
  2. Referrals – Referrals involve someone asking you to perhaps check out an awesome brand. It occurs with people referring their family and friends to businesses they’re happy with. The message gets around to others and this brand receives targeted traffic from that large amount of buzz that was created. Those who may benefit from this includes peers that were referred as well as the company offering the product or service. You can implement perhaps by adding a “Tell a friend” option on your website.

I encourage you to considering sharing and referral options to promote your business ASAP. Notice then how it increases your chances to get booked as well as additional clients for your supplemental services you offer such as coaching and consulting.

Perhaps you want to learn about WOMM more and obtain a specific plan for your speaking business. Let’s connect on Facebook and then you can send me a direct message. Chat with you soon!