Marketing – Using Podcasting To Build Your Speaking Business

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Welcome to Marketing Monday here with The ILEAD Company LLC®, where we help speakers leverage marketing their knowledge and story to grow their influence, impact and income. 

Without marketing, it is impossible to have a thriving business or to engage in self employment. Marketing ensures that your potential clients knows what you do and how you compare to others in the same industry.

I have utilized many marketing strategies to grow my two companies. What has been the most successful for me in this season is podcasting. Let’s discuss this option as a marketing strategy today.

Marketing – Using Podcasting To Build Your Speaking Business

Podcasting allows individuals to access content which he or she wishes to listen to on demand and/or live via audio. Individuals can choose their desired talks, enable that and hear it as and when they feel like.

A person can also save the audio files such that they can retrieve them at their chosen time. Podcasting has successfully made people into radio celebrities in a manner similar to the method by which bloggers have now become reporters. Every day men and women as well as celebrities have used podcasting in various ways.

The Various Ways Podcasting Can Be Used: 

  1. Strolling trips that are self-conducted: Facts and materials.
  2. Rhythm and Blues: Advertising bands, hence videos as well as talk shows.
  3. Discussions: Corporation and institutional news, stocks news, sports news, other forms of news as well as views.
  4. Coaching: Lessons and guiding facts.
  5. Narrative plot: Stories for young ones as well as the handicaps.

The syndication of audio medium via RSS feed is Podcasting. It functions in a way that resembles the conventional RSS feed reader or news accumulator. Well, the distinction lies in the fact that this involves the transportation of an audio file.

Here you do not have to input material into the RSS feed reader or aggregator. You can simply hear all that is stored in the feed with the help of a reader or accumulator (often called aggregator), provided it allows podcasting. You can also hear them with the help of your ipod or your computer or even your music player. It is not necessary to use an ipod just because the term was coined mainly for an ipod.

Websites often contain podcasts and hence it requires just a click on the link. Certain conventional RSS readers such as FeedDemons most recent beta now supports audio files.

Podcasting and the Enclosure Mark

The enclosure mark determines the podcast nature of the audio file and distinguishes it from a feed. Consider this simply to be a mail attachment.

The “enclosure” mark is not a fresh invention and it has been for years since the mark has been incorporated in the RSS v2.0 version. However podcasting became a rage only from the month of August, year 2004.

Webmasters are looking for innovative methods to enrich the internet with more facts and media files. The most striking bit is the syndication factor as well as rise in the number of users.

People who listen to the podcasts benefit from this entire scheme as it is a method via which materials can be uploaded and the person who downloads it can completely negotiate the facts just the way he or she wants. It is quite like the RSS. It gives you space to exercise your own discretion.

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