Marketing – The Complete Affiliate Recruitment Checklist

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Welcome to Marketing Monday here with The ILEAD Company LLC®, where we help speakers leverage marketing their knowledge and story to grow their influence, impact and income. 

As a speaker, you create products in support of your central message. An important element when creating a product is considering how you will launch and sell your products. Within the launch process itself, in order to achieve a successful launch financially, recruit affiliates. Here is a checklist that can help you do just that.

Marketing – The Complete Affiliate Recruitment Checklist

If you really want to put some money away, an affiliate program is a good first-step. But, first, you have to recruit some really active and good affiliates. Use this checklist to help you keep it all straight.

Get Known

People like buying from those they know, like and trust. This is even truer when you’re talking about someone promoting your product to their audience. They need to know that you’re an honest person who wants to provide a needed service to your audience and theirs.

  • Give Interviews – Find platforms that need people to interview and do the interviews. Even if there aren’t many initial viewers, share the interview far and wide.
  • Guest Blog – Approach potential affiliates by offering to post guest blog posts for them about a particular topic. If they say yes, offer an affiliate program link in your bio.
  • Be Active – Utilize social media ads, add content frequently, and interact with affiliates and potential affiliates.

Help Them Promote to Their Customers Too

If you already offer coupons, ensure that you also offer coupons for affiliates’ customers to use as well. This can be done on an individual affiliate basis or as a group.

  • Host Joint Webinars – A great way to help get affiliates to want to work with you because you’re offering something extra that includes your time.
  • Create Special Coupons – Give high performing affiliates or those you know will perform high due to their reputation special coupons that don’t take away from their profit but reduces yours.
  • Have contests – When you have contests it can create buzz among affiliates to a high degree that when people who are looking for a program and see some of their friends and associates winning your contest they’ll want to join.

Get the Right Software

Using the right software, so that you can promote and create, and not have to worry about the small details but can focus on the big picture is important.

  • Get – You want to automate what you can so find plenty of automation software to help you.
  • Try – This is complete affiliate management software plus a shopping cart.

Set the Prices & Commission Right

This is very important if you want to connect with serious affiliates. Affiliates are less apt to promote low-priced products or items with small affiliate commissions. A good commission is 40 percent and up. Look at high performing affiliate networks to find some great examples.

  • net – You have to pay to get your product approved and set up a special sales page with their information. It’s hard to control your affiliates, but it helps you decide what works and what doesn’t.
  • com – This affiliate network is free to join and you can sell free, if you let them make a commission along with the affiliate.

Use the Right Tools 

It’s important that you use the right tools to run your affiliate program so that you can recruit the best affiliates. A few tools you may want to consider are:

  • Autoresponders –,,
  • Landing Pages –,,
  • Websites – Self-Hosted WordPress
  • Webinars – Facebook Live, YouTube Live,
  • Podcasts –,
  • Graphics & Design – Adobe Creative Cloud,
  • Affiliate Software –,

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