Marketing – The Perfect Speaker Website Homepage That Sells

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Welcome to Marketing Monday here with The ILEAD Company LLC®, where I help you, as a speaker, leverage marketing your knowledge and story to grow your influence, impact and income.

Most entrepreneurs, including speakers know that without marketing, your business will NOT and CAN NOT grow. Where there is no growth, the opposite occurs – death. Let’s avoid the closure of your speaking business by discussing briefly marketing your speaking business through your business website.

Marketing – The Perfect Speaker Website Homepage That Sells

As a professional speaker, it is important to answer question #1. Is speaking your desired primary role in business or is it secondary? Depending on your response, it will dictate how to design your website. If your speaking career is primary, be sure that this is communicated through your website, especially your homepage.

The homepage of your website must POP and communicate to decision makers that you are the one that need to hire. In order for this to occur, a few critical pieces of information must be present on a homepage, including…

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Testimonials
  • Client Names, and
  • Publicity.

Let’s discuss pictures and videos today and we will continue with the others on next Monday.


Videos are the single most important thing you can have a speaker.The only possible way a meeting planner can determine how good you are as a speaker is to see your videos.

You might have the best copywriter in the world write text for your website, and you still will have a hard time getting speaking gigs without video footage.

There are two types of video footage you need on your website:

  1. Videos of you speaking, and
  2. Video testimonials

Done correctly, these videos will help you SELL your program and get you booked.


By having pictures of your desired audience, this lets the meeting planner know that they’re in the right spot.

For example, meeting planners don’t want to pay a speaker $10,000 only to find out that they’ve never spoken on a corporate stage before. They’re want to avoid hiring the wrong speaker and you have to sell this thought in their head.

You do that by showing them pictures of you on other corporate or your desired stages.

If a meeting planner see’s that you’ve been hired by the audiences they serve and they love your presentation, then the meeting planner is much more likely to hire you as a speaker.

More content like this will be shared on next Monday because it is my desire that you get booked. I actually have info about where to place critical content on your homepage. Want access to this info? Reply below in the comments area with “Homepage Help.”

Thank you for connecting with me here on the blog. I will be going LIVE on my FB wall at 5p.m. EST and chatting more about homepages tonight on the night show at 9p.m. EST. Get connected to listen in!