Marketing Monday – Attracting Speaking Opportunities Through Facebook

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Welcome to Marketing Monday here with The ILEAD Company LLC®, where we help speakers leverage marketing their knowledge and story to grow their influence, impact and income.

As a speaker, you can choose various methods to market what you do, including the products and services that you offer. Throughout the years, I have learned how to dominate Facebook and use it to attract speaking opportunities. Today, I will highlight two ways I attract meeting planners to discover what I can potentially offer their participants for their upcoming events.

Marketing Monday – Attracting Speaking Opportunities Through Facebook

Facebook can work for speakers IF they work it. This fact is also true for you. I have come to discover that if you: (1) Share branded content daily and (2) Engage your followers with video or audio consistently, you can attract speaking opportunities. 

Share Branded Content

My content creation team has helped to created branded images that is shared primarily on Facebook and sometimes on other platforms. Branded content can include a wide variety of things including personalized images, encouraging words related to my niche and other image related content. Branded content can also include empowerment quotes that I have created. Don’t limit yourself to photos.

Share Audio And Video

I also go LIVE on Facebook for power sessions and the TKO night show. This allows meeting planners to hear my voice and how I connect well with my target market. During the Spring and Summer months, videos are implemented into the plan and shared via Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. This enables planners to see my movements, matching a face with the voice. 

Try photos, video, and audio to attract gigs via Facebook today. It will work IF you work it. Let’s discuss this more during the TKO night show at 9p.m. EST.