Marketing – What Instagram Can Do For Your Speaking Business

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Marketing – What Instagram Can Do For Your Speaking Business

There are many benefits for using Instagram to promote your business. For most marketers, doing business on Instagram is kind of a confusing endeavor. You see, doing business on Facebook, for example, is a no brainer, as everybody knows how that platform works. But an app such as Instagram, with very specific functions and a dedicated set of features, can be a bit more difficult to tap into at first.

But the truth is that businesses of all sizes, from local brands, to family owned shops, to large corporations, are driving results from being active on Instagram, and their secret is in knowing how to implement their business practices into the way the platform works.

How Businesses Can Leverage Instagram

But their performance is also backed up by the numbers: 80 percent of Instagram users follow a business on the platform. That said, it wouldn’t be profitable for those businesses to be on the platform if it weren’t for their loyal followers, and an engaging business on Instagram can easily:

✓ Drive and spread awareness of their business activities, their brands, their products, and their services.

✓ Make potential customers get interested through visual discovery.

✓ Get new customers, which in turn will increase the desired conversions, including product sales, app downloads, website visits, and visitors to a local store, among others.

More Ways Businesses Use Can Reach Milestones

Instagram’s own built-in features will allow you to reach those milestones the easy way as long as you put in the effort, because Instagram has also been designed with business in mind, allowing them to:

✓ Create an Instagram Business account, which allows companies of all sizes to be recognized with a unique business profile, to gain insight about their followers, to promote posts designed to drive business goals, and giving visitors to your profile the right info such as your business address and contact details. All within Instagram!

✓ Send full screen adverts to Instagram stories, which is a friendlier approach to advertising compared to what other social platforms offer.

✓ Use business tools to get deep marketing insights, including reach, number of impressions, replies and exits for each individual campaign.

More so, the visual nature of Instagram combined with the story driven advertising model means that you will be offering an experience that far surpasses the flat, impersonal feeling of marketing campaigns created on other platforms.

Instagram has many other benefits for businesses that are too often overlooked by marketers that focus their conversation on advertising, and in this training you will become aware that Instagram is as diverse as diverse can get.

For starters, you can repurpose your Instagram photos on your business website to create cross-platform engagement, and if your business has a physical location, you can bet that customers have uploaded pictures of it on the platform! Even if you don’t have a physical location and only offer your products online, customers have probably uploaded pictures of some of them as well!

Now, I know you may be wondering where to start. Well, you are not in this alone. Mentorship is available to guide you along the way. CLICK HERE to learn about growing your business through marketing on Instagram.