Marketing – Have You Considered Print Media?

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Welcome to Marketing Monday here with The ILEAD Company LLC®, where we help speakers leverage marketing their knowledge and story to grow their influence, impact and income.

Marketing a speaking business isn’t a piece of cake but… Options are available. Some options are better than others. Have you considered print media? Let’s discuss this marketing option today!

Marketing – Have You Considered Print Media?

Newspapers, magazines, and the like? These options are best to market your speaking services locally. If used strategically, magazines can get you booked on more stages. It boosts your brand and reveals that you are an authority on a topic. Print marketing strategies like magazines has several benefits. Let’s discuss seven of them briefly.

Print Marketing Benefits

  1. It grabs the attention of industry leaders. Many leaders still prefer to read something in their hands rather than on a device connected to the internet. 
  2. Print media does focus on customer retention. This means that print media leaders work hard at keeping their customers satisfied and will seek to keep the content fresh and relevant. 
  3. There are no audience building costs. There is spend quite a bit of time and capital qualifying subscribers to send out their content. Calls are made and marketing is completed to their target readers consistently.
  4. The old is becoming new. Because of all of the new hot content out there and people desiring to plug in to new shows and publish new content, TV is being ‘reborn’ along with print content.
  5. Print media helps customers to think outside of the box. Print media poses challenge to many, which promotes growth. 
  6. Print media allows people to take a break from this digital age. Many people want to grab a book or tangible item and read it because too much of what we have now is digital
  7. Print also sparks excitement in the lives of people. To know that something is documented and in paper, makes it official.

Therefore, print media works! This is why The ILEAD Company® started its magazine Leadership TKO® magazine because print works. As a matter of fact, starting with the Spring 2018 issue, the TKO magazine will be going harder than ever before to develop its audience. We will be promoting primarily to women and meeting planner professionals. If you are a speaker or a thought leader, this magazine might just be an option for you. You are encouraged to give print media of all kind a try to grow your speaking business. 

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