Lakeisha McKnight Ministries is a media outreach to help listeners around the world hear the gospel of Jesus and learn about the Kingdom of God. This app allows those who download it to listen to the ministries podcasts and chat with Lakeisha while she is live.

We record LIVE Mon-Fri 8:30p.m. EST. Take a look at the upcoming series that will be expounded on during this show:
Entire Month of May: Book of Exodus (Bible Challenge)
COMING SOON: How to Be Bold for Christ

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Are you a new believer? Would you like to strengthen your walk in Christ? Take a look at the steps I recommend below. Resources will be gradually added to this page.

Step 1: Get connected with a bible based church in your local city
Step 2: Obtain a study bible from a local store or library and begin reading the Gospels, Acts and other New Testament books.
Step 3: Obtain an accountability partner or a mentor in the faith
Step 4: CLICK HERE to Download the Model Life guide.

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