Juices and Smoothies – Quick and Healthy Eating For Influencers

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Great day leader! Myself and the ILEAD Company® team welcomes you to Fitness Friday.

On Fridays, I will educate you on becoming mentally sound and physically fit. Nutrition and Fitness is influential!

We  are embarking upon a new series, starting today to empower influencers who want to eat healthy on a busy schedule. The series will focus on juices and smoothies. Let’s dive into our message today!

Juices and Smoothies – Quick and Healthy Eating For Influencers

Are you looking for a convenient way to eat healthier?  

Do you want to accomplish better health and nutrition but you don’t want to give

up the flavor and joy of food? Or maybe you want to eat healthier but just don’t have the time to cook or prepare meals. If any of this sounds familiar then this report is for you.

The secret missing ingredient or missing food is easy. It’s super healthy, and you can lose weight, have more energy, sleep better and enjoy improved vitality. What is this powerhouse ingredient? It is two types of food actually, juices and smoothies.

What’s the Difference?

Juicing is the process of extracting the juice or liquid from fruits and vegetables. The peel and the pulp are left behind. There are many different types of extractors or juicers and you can certainly juice many foods, like oranges, by hand. Fresh juice is flavorful and nutritious.

Smoothies (pictured at left) are made in a blender. All of the pulp and fiber is contained in your beverage. Smoothies are generally prepared with a base. You might use water, milk or even yogurt. We’ll take a deeper look at the bases for smoothies and a few recipes in just a bit.

For now, know that while both smoothies and juicing is healthy and beneficial, if you’re seeking more fiber in your diet, smoothies are the better choice – provided that you don’t pack your smoothie with sugar and other unhealthy additives.


More info on juices and smoothies will be discussed on social media and the TKO night show this evening at 9p.m. EST!