I passed the health test!

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Yes! I did it! I made it to Monday and survived the “No bread, rice, and fries” challenge established by my fitness trainer.

Let me tell you that it was not easy. I walked into different restaurants and they offered me bread. I even was asked by my husband to order pizza because my son wanted it. LMBO. Really? Best of all, not only did I make it through the challenge but I lost 2 pounds. AWESOME!

So, I will try to continue this habit so that I can reach my goal, which is to restore my abs. I have learned that the carbs such as breads and rice will sit in your stomach area and does not have much nutritional value. Therefore, I will have little to none of it. It will now become a treat and not apart of my normal diet.

The July Core Challenge is going well also. The ladies are progressing, particularly those who have commented and provided others. I am quite sure some have stopped but the important aspect of the Core Challenge is to encourage them to get moving in the right direction.

In order to have an impact on the world, you must impact your world, which includes the body. A healthier you aids in the transformation of a healthier world, one person at a time. Do you accept the challenge of becoming a healthier YOU?