How to Build Passive Income Through Vendor Opportunities

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Its Wealthy Wednesday authors! We will discuss via the blog and podcast how to build real lasting wealth as an entrepreneur. Books are a business! Let’s go!

So, how do we run the publishing of books like a business and generate revenue? Better yet, can we go to events and potential sell books and establish passive income? The answer is YES! Let’s discuss this briefly today!

How to Build Passive Income Through Vendor Opportunities

I have been publishing books for the last few years. I know that I am no where near done nor do I know all there is to know about building revenue through books BUT… what I do know, I will share it. I have travelled the globe and sold books using a powerful strategy entitled book funnels. 

So, you discover an opportunity where you can have a table to share info about your book. Great! Now what? Here is a simple strategy to use to gain passive income. 

  1. Set up your books and other materials on your table.
  2. Use a sign up physical form or computer to allow people to sign up for a FREE gift related to your book.
  3. When they buy your book at the event, couple it with a free gift they sign up for by providing their name and email address. 
  4. After the event, ensure they receive their free gift via email or the way your promised to deliver it.
  5. Build relationship either in person or via email. 
  6. Share with them a greater way to dive into the topic related to your book (i.e. workbook)
  7. Continue building the relationship with them.
  8. Invite them into a group program or to work one-on-one with you. Be sure the program requires a weekly, monthly or bimonthly investment. 
  9. Rinse and repeat!

That is an example of a book funnel that started through a vending opportunity. Have this helped you? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Chat with you later my friend!