Hayzelton Gentry

RE: Mentorship & tips via podcast provided by Lakeisha

Hayzelton says…

“I was facing a huge health challenge in regards to type 2 diabetes because of my eating habits. It was causing my sugar levels to be in the 400’s. By receiving tips on changing my eating habits and eating more beans and more of a vegan diet suggested by Lakeisha, I was able to go from 400 to 250 within a matter of weeks. Then, on to 157 and the lowest reading to date at 138. I have been able to reduce my high blood pressure and lower and control my blood sugar levels. Without Lakeisha’s help, I would not have lost 30 pounds and prevented myself from spending thousands of dollars trying to get better.”

Contact Info for Hayzelton Gentry:
Website address: www.GentryMotivationHawaiiLLC.com
Phone Number: (808) 346-5808