Core Challenge Days 7 and 8

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The last two days were amazing to say the least! My mind is beginning to be in total control of being determined to exercise daily. Remember, the mind has to be reprogramed to making exercising a daily habit as it has not always been that way.

I ran 1.5 miles in my home area as well as engage in core exercises. Normally, these activities occur before 11a.m. EST as I enjoy personal development at the beginning of the day. It sets the tone of taking care of the physical as well as the spiritual when engaging in a devotional time (prayer and scripture reading). It helps me place my priorities in order and allows God to know that He is the captain of this ship.

In conjunction with spiritual and physical development, I also ensure that nutrition is taken into consideration. I watch what I eat. I have been doing well with the challenge that my trainer gave me, which included no fries, no bread and no rice. Today, I ate a chicken salad, quinoa, and other veggies along with my infused water and an herbal drink. As far as my weight is concerned, I started the day at 150.2 pounds and have not strayed much from that as it is the end of the day.

The journey continues tomorrow with personal development. Church will be attended, a workout taking place as well as watching what I eat.  We shall see what the day brings.