Discover the Eighth Trait – The Composition of Successful Lady Leaders (8 of 20)

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Welcome to Winning Leader Wednesdays, where the focus is upon building you as leaders in the home, organizations and as entrepreneurs!

We will also add a special touch of building lady leaders and helping you market well as business owners. This is one of my favorite days!

We are continuing with the series on the composition of successful lady leaders. Trait #8 is here!

A successful lady leader is persistent!

Yes! A successful woman is persistent! She remains persistent even in the face of strife, and opposition. As the old saying goes, “when things get tough, the tough get going.” Resilience, persistence and inner drive keeps her on the path, and each test that comes along only fuels that drive.

This is indeed true as I reflect upon my own journey and recall being denied many times for speaking opportunities and rejected when sharing my business opportunity with others. Receiving “No” many times fueled me to continue to receive a “Yes.” Then, the “Yes” responses out-valued the “No” responses. All you need is that EPIC “Yes” and your life will change for the better. Speaking opportunities came and some I had to pass on because of my life arrangements with having younger children. 

So, if you desire to be successful my sister (and my brother, if you are reading this also), NEVER EVER stop. Keep going! 

There is support so that you can have that NEVER GIVE UP attitude and actions. It is found within the Born to Lead global women’s leadership campaign. The campaign is not a CLUB, CULT or another ORGANIZATION. It is the FIRE you need to be persistent in the coming days, weeks and months. It’s free to get plugged in. CLICK HERE to learn more and register. 

I salute you and your journey as a leader and look forward to sowing more great value into your life. Thank you for being connected here on the global leadership blog.