Characteristics and Behaviors of Successful Women Leaders (1 of 20)

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Characteristics And Behaviors of Successful Women Leaders

Over the next few weeks (on Wednesdays), I will share 1 of 20 key characteristics and behaviors of successful women leaders across the globe.

#1: She Has No Fear

Successful women leaders aren’t afraid to take the off-ramp during their career, providing they keep the on-ramp in sight. She has figured out life’s puzzle pieces and truly knows how to have it all.

It’s a fact that having children and raising children is more likely to affect the career of women. Watch out, though, because there’s nothing stopping you from doing both. Just look at Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s CEO, who has managed a Fortune 500 company for 5 years while raising 3 children.

And like Mayer, many rising entrepreneurs show no fear as they seek to grow their businesses. Women connected to the Born to Leader global women’s leadership campaign are doing just that. These ladies are being a voice to women all around the world helping them to grow as leaders and business owners. CLICK HERE to learn more about this campaign and JOIN for FREE.

Cheers to your growth as a leader!