Learn About Dr. McKnight

Hello there!

I’m Dr. Lakeisha McKnight, network marketing professional,  as well as a certified international leadership speaker, trainer, and coach focused on equipping leaders to become Kingdom Ambassadors, growing their influence, impact, and income. I help men and women have the resources and support needed to get in alignment to fulfill their divine assignment.

I have empowered 100,000+ aspiring lady entrepreneurs and corporate professionals from the U.S.A. to Africa to Asia. I serve home-based business owners, corporations, and associations inclusive of conference event hosts, empowering professionals in the areas of leadership development, wealth building, peak performance, sales and marketing, business development, and women’s empowerment.

I am the owner of two companies: The ILEAD Company LLC and Women of Elevation Career Services International LLC.

The essential thought that drives what I do is: create leaders and the leaders will build the business

My Upbringing

I grew up in an inner city called Paterson in Northern New Jersey (20 minutes outside of Manhattan, NY). I experienced hardships (i.e. child sexual abuse, absence of my biological father) that helped shape the message of inspiration I share with others. Despite the hardships, I excelled academically rising as the Valedictorian of my high school class, where I graduated with a major in Theater.

My Inspiration

My faith in God, husband, mother, and children are my sources of inspiration. I am also inspired by music and healthy food. (Yes! I am Lakeisha McKnight and I am a smoothie-aholic! LOL)

Professional Training & Affiliations

I truly believe that we are all born to lead. However, becoming a CHAMPION or WINNING leader is a lifestyle experience. During my journey, I have been fortunate to receive awesome training (and affiliation with) from professionals inclusive of:

1. Dr. John Maxwell,
2. Robert Kiyoski,
3. Dr. Ty Best,
4. Mr. Michael Dalcoe
5. Grant Baldwin, and
6. Josh Shipp.

Thank you so much for visiting the site! Let’s stay connected through this site and social media! And remember to Think, Speak and Live leadership!

God bless!

Some of Dr. McKnight’s Accomplishments