7 Reasons Why Juices and Smoothies Should Be Apart of Your Diet

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You may heard a lot about smoothies and juicing but maybe you’ve been wondering what all the fuss is about. Let’s start by saying that both juicing and smoothies are a fantastic, and delicious, way to improve your health. But let’s talk specifics, right? You probably want to know WHY they’re good for your health. Let’s dive into that right now.

7 Reasons Why Juices and Smoothies Should Be Apart of Your Diet

(1) RDA of Fruits and Vegetables 

Do you eat enough fruits and vegetables? If you’re like most folks then the answer is no. Even if you have good intentions and eat a fruit or veggie at every meal you may still be behind on your recommended daily allowance.

Juicing and smoothies both help you get your RDA in every single day. Think about it, if you have one breakfast smoothie you may easily consume four to five servings of fruits and vegetables in one beverage. Consume two smoothies in a day and you can count that day a vegetable success.

(2) More Energy 

When you drink a smoothie or a glass of freshly made juice, you get an instant dose of energy. The digestive process is hastened; you digest smoothies quickly, and receive the nutrition and benefits almost instantly.

And if you add protein to your smoothies or juice then your energy will last several hours because the protein helps control the release of sugars into your blood stream.

(3) Better Health and a Stronger Immune System

Studies have shown that people with a diet high in vegetables and fruits have a lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. The antioxidants and vitamins help protect you from common viruses and infections too.

(4) More Fiber

Smoothies provide the fiber you need to reduce bloat, lose weight, and improve your digestive system.

(5) Detoxification

Juicing can help flush your body of the natural toxins you’re exposed to every day. You’re exposed to toxins in the air you breathe, in the things you touch and even in the foods you eat.

Pesticides, herbicides, and chemical additives in some foods can cause problems when they build up in your body. Juicing can help you get rid of those toxins and enjoy better health and vitality.

(6) Weight Loss

Are you looking to lose a little, or a lot, of weight? Juicing and smoothies are a wonderful way to enjoy delicious nutrition and energy without the calories. Think about it, a satisfying smoothie is a much better lunch than a fast food burger, right?

(7) Other Benefits

Finally, many people who add juicing and/or smoothies to their daily nutrition find that they also enjoy better skin, better hair, improved sleep and even an improved sex life. There really isn’t a downside to drinking a delicious glass of fruits and vegetables each and every day.

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