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Leadership TKO LIVE is a podcast airs every night 7:30pm ET. The mission is to empower leaders across the globe with the ability (resources) to WIN from the INSIDE OUT, growing your influence, impact and income. Topical categories covered within the podcast includes leadership development, Kingdom mindset & living, income generation and wealth building. Subscribe to the podcast by clicking on any button below and locating the subscribe button on that site.

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A Major Key To Sponsoring People Into Your Business

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What Others Say About Dr. McKnight -

I witnessed Lakeisha McKnight speaker as a keynote speaker in Cameroon, Africa. The power and the energy that Lakeisha displays as she speaks captures her audiences. She communicates her love for people and joy of life with such a passion that you could only be captivated. After hearing her story, you could only think 'Yes I can!

Gisele Rufer
CEO & President of Delance Swiss Watches

In the journey of life we meet people who may be classified ordinary, others who are extraordinary and those who are distinctively extraordinary. The privilege was mine to first learn of Lakeisha when the announcement for a Global Leadership Conference in Cameroon, Africa. She was listed as one of several global speakers for the conference. After reviewing her profile my first reaction was “what an extraordinary lady.” On meeting her during the conference and sharing the podium as joint keynote and workshop speakers, my second reaction was “what a distinctively blessed and extraordinary lady.” Clearly, Lakeisha has the capacity to convict and inspire at the same time. Her convictions and devotion to the tenets of balance living and an acknowledgment of God as the principle foundation for development is unmistakable. Her multidisciplinary skills to communicate and address varying issues on leadership, business and finance are obvious. 

Jerry DaC Blenman
Managing Director

Lakeisha speaks fluently on feminine issues, leadership development, and gift recognition. She passionately believes that men and women have life purposes, with gifts lying dormant within which we must be birthed. She challenges her listeners to search deep to awaken their gifts, nurture them, and release them to impact the lives of others. Lakeisha encourages men and women to understand that ‘gifts are not given until they are freely received.’ She leaves her listeners believing that ‘they can, they will, and they are somebody.

Sabina Etta
Author, Educationist, Counselor, Personnel of Nation Builders International

In every season, there are people who make a difference. Lakeisha McKnight is definitely one of them and is a woman worthy of having your attention. Listening to Lakeisha McKnight was an amazing experience. She mellifluously provides great insight and elocution, captivating her audience. Lakeisha is a rare gift to her generation with wisdom that can’t be denied in addressing issues of leadership at all dimensions. I admire her courage and her ingenuity as she tackles issue of gender, leadership, and economic empowerment. The audience was marveled as she communicated her thoughts on the contemporary leadership issues in the Global Leadership Conference in Yaoundé Cameroon. It was great having her in Africa.

Dr. E. Paul Mbuagbor
Dr. E. Paul Mbuagbor

She is absolutely amazing! Whether working with large or small groups, Lakeisha has the ability to create an immediate environment of trust, and with that, she connects at a very deep level with her audience...To me, the reason she relates so well to audiences anywhere in the world is because she is what she teaches. She leads from the inside out and her message is powerful. Lakeisha is the real deal.

David Bernard-Stevens
President of Leader Development Group, LLC

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