When people say that “no man is an island,” they don’t only mean that no man or woman should live alone. That much-used phrase also refers to the fact that men and women are perpetually learning creatures: they need the help of someone to guide them through life, and to help them make wise decisions. Moreover, as these same men and women grow older, they also have the chance to be a guide for someone who is younger and less experienced than they. This need for people to feel connected, loved, and taught by someone better than they are has given rise to different concepts such as mentoring.

Mentoring, or the process of mentorship, is really a growing, strengthening bond that occurs between a mentor, who is more experienced, not necessarily older, but who is certainly wiser; and his or her protege, a mentee or someone who is less experienced and wise, and who therefore needs to be guided by the mentor.

For the last 3+ years, Lakeisha (and her husband) have passionately mentored women and men in the areas of leadership development, passive income generation, and wealth building. Having experienced home foreclosure, repossession of vehicles, and having $.11 cents in her bank account (with two children to care for), Lakeisha (and her husband) have realized that not only was financial freedom necessary but a major foundation for truly living. She realized that she has been called in this season to be a lifeline for others to LIVE instead of merely existing.

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