January 30, 2018

Teresa Browning

Teresa Browning

RE: Training provided by Lakeisha

Teresa says…

“I was facing some tough decisions about which road to go down or whether to continue as I have done. This was happening because I don’t have the proper funds to adequately do what I have a passion to. It was causing me to be depressed, stop writing and I closed down for while. I was so disappointed that I could not participate like I wanted to. Lakeisha has helped me know that the sky is the limit. I can do all things putting God first, having the faith and believe He will do it.

I have now applied for my 501c3.  I have put together an event bringing writers together to network and help them sell their work.  I have also scheduled several events to speak at and my play will hit the stage in October in reference to my first three novels during domestic violence month. As a result of Lakeisha’s podcasts, I have speaking engagements lined up until June at least once a month. Also, in the last quarter of the year, I will be putting a play on stage. Without hearing Lakeisha’s tips and listening to some of her podcast, I’m not sure I would have stepped out on faith to pursue my passion and my dreams”

Contact Info for Teresa Browning:
Website address: http://www.teresamasonbrowning.com/
Phone Number: (803) 579-7592

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