Nicole Brown-Horston

RE: Mentorship, training, and coaching provided by Lakeisha

Nicole says…

“I was dealing with a long-term illness that I wasn’t prepared for financially or emotionally. I had no Plan B. I became depressed as a result because I was used to winning. I was proud of what my husband and I had created over the years but I was confronted with a test that I had no idea how I’d recover. Just like that, I felt life had abandoned me. I was going through a career change after 22-years. I had no clue what my future held. Teaching was all I knew, but I didn’t know how to use what I already possessed to rebrand myself. It was causing me terrible anxiety, fear and feelings of defeat. LaKeisha’s coaching helped me grow. Each week, I felt stronger. The knowledge I gained was priceless. My classmates became family. This was all due to LaKeisha. This helped me personally and professionally.

I was able to recharge my energy and reset my focus. I began using the assignments she gave to fine tune my goals. I started looking at possibilities as opportunities to create multiple streams of income for my family. As a result of Lakeisha’s coaching and program, I have a different career outlook. I still use my notes from her trainings to keep my momentum. Even on a bad day, I look at obstacles entirely different. Where I used to allow different things to get me off-course- now, I just reconfigure my goals until the smoke clears. I never thought I’d be a motivational speaker until she planted the seed. Today, I’m pouring into others the tips I learned from her groups.

Without Lakeisha’s coaching, I probably would not have felt capable enough to realize the power I possess. LaKeisha was firm and affirming. She really gave all she had to fill my cup. She didn’t withhold information, resources or opportunities. I felt as if she genuinely wanted to see me win.”

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