January 29, 2018

Miasha Gilliam-El

Miasha Gilliam-El

RE: Training provided by Lakeisha

Denise says…

“I did not have any concrete plans in place to carry out my dream of becoming a Public Speaker. Time management concerns caused me to lack in the area of planning. This caused me to forfeit several opportunities. Lakeisha helped me become aware of the importance of time management and planning. I was able to get organized. As a result of Lakeisha’s training, I was able to obtain confidence, motivation, inspiration, and guidance to flourish in my endeavors. Priceless. Without Lakeisha’s help, I would have gendered my path to becoming a successful public speaker.”

How to contact Miasha Gilliam-El:
Website address: www.mgebreakthesilence.org
Phone Number: (804) 943-9929

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