Are you struggling to obtain a consistent flow of clients to fill your calendar and increase your business revenue?

Are you tired of long gaps NO BUSINESS between one client and the next?

You are not alone as many entrepreneurs have struggled with these same concerns. The difference between you and many others is NOW you are going to be educated on how to ease and totally remove this concern from your business. Presenting the master class entitled…

“Consistent Client System”

Within this 2-part master class, you will learn how to obtain a steady flow of clients inboxing you and contacting you to solve their concerns for your coaching and speaking business.

Course includes:

  • 2 60-minute teleclasses (by phone)
  • Downloadable course replay
  • 15 minute Q&A session at the conclusion of each class

Part 1 occurs Sunday September 11th at 8p.m. EST. with part 2 occurring the following Sunday evening. Phone line details are provided upon completing registration. Register by completing and submitting the form below: