Denise Watson-Smith

RE: Services provided by Lakeisha

Denise says…

“As a leader of my own ministry, I had gotten to a place where I wanted to quit. I never lost my faith in God but lost faith in myself. I was burnt out, felt like I was a nobody and thought that my past mistakes was my handicap. It caused sleepless nights, headaches, stress, anxiety. Lakeisha, through sharing other businesses ,was like a midwife, helping me to realize that I can continue on in the work. I reached out to a few places that she sent information about to make an introduction.I achieved the ability of stepping out and in the process or re-launching my ministry AND I’m writing the book NOW. Without Lakeisha’s help, I would have probably quit.”

How to contact Denise Watson-Smith:
Phone Number: (757) 739-3236