February 7, 2016


30915_1292182236751_7715586_nLakeisha McKnight is a speaker, trainer and coach who equips speakers, authors, coaches, network marketers and ministry leaders with training on how to generate recurring income, create profitable speaking programs as well as thriving businesses through social media and offline marketing.

Lakeisha is a city girl who experienced abuse growing up. She didn’t know that she would soon experience receiving health concerns that were deemed incurable. But yet, she pressed on!

Lakeisha got started as an entrepreneur 13+ years ago, stepping into the roles of speaker, coach, consultant, and book publisher sharing her message globally. Then, she settled down, got married, has a toddler and a daughter on the way. Lakeisha realized that she would burn myself out due to business demand and create problems with her family due to her absence.

Lakeisha was soon introduced to the network marketing industry, learning how to bring in residual income through mentorship and a workable system.

As a result of her spiritual walk and getting involved in the Network Marketing industry, Lakeisha is now a BETTER WIFE, completely HEALED, a great mother and teaching other women (and a few good men) how to do the same. Her business is thriving in Virginia as well as in Nigeria, allowing her to generate thousands online.