Lakeisha McKnight is the founder & CEO of Message Expansion Partners LLC, with its headquarters located in Virginia. MEP houses two smaller sub companies and programs including Lakeisha McKnight Enterprises, The ILEAD Company, Motivational Speakers Institute, Legacy in the Making™ magazine, and the Revitalize Womens Movement. The ILEAD Company current has a location in Nigeria, Africa. Lakeisha is also the president of a nonprofit entitled ILEAD Outreach that helps the rising leader hire themselves to provide for themselves and their households. As a result of these projects, Lakeisha was awarded “Entrepreneur of the 2010-2011” by Cambridge’s Who is Who.


Lakeisha coaches men and women in the areas of business growth development and professional speaking. Embedded in these two niches, Lakeisha teaches men and women to become world class leaders. Lakeisha offers several instructional programs and masterminds that helps men and women to receive optimal education within a healthy in person or virtual environment. Some of Lakeisha’s programs include The Inner Circle Mastermind for Professional Speakers and the Pro Speaker Mentorship program.



Lakeisha has been known for her premium level training she provides for entrepreneurs, small businesses and churches. Training occurs either in person or virtually (via computer and/or telephone). Topics range from sales training to improving customer retention.


Lakeisha is known as the ‘unstoppable speaker,’ providing empowerment messages (in person and virtually) with authority and effectiveness, stirring the hearts and minds of speakers, authors, coaches, marketers, ministry leaders and college students throughout the world. Lakeisha has been engaging in speaking events for 15+ years and her empowered 500,000+ people leaving a lasting positive impact that business professionals crave. Some of Lakeisha’s clients include universities, churches, small businesses, and conferences. She speaks primarily on mastering communication in any environment, and using speaking to multiple business revenue.

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Throughout the last few years, people of all ages and cultures have been faced with overcoming traumatic personal situations. Coaches, speakers, authors, ministers, entrepreneurs, and online/network marketers have been discouraged at how they struggled with growing their businesses. Along with trying to keep their businesses afloat, they struggled with balancing taking care of themselves and maintaining healthy families. What I have discovered is that living in today’s world, maintaining healthy families, and growing successful businesses requires a different way of thinking, speaking, and living. No longer can entrepreneurs live with a 90s mentality, engage in yesterday’s behaviors, and use old business strategies. It is going to require more than striving to obtain high profits in business and recruiting more people in your down line. Today’s entrepreneurs and business leaders must Awaken the Champion within themselves by thinking, speaking, and living like conquerors. In “Awakening the Champion,” Professional Speaker, and Trainer Lakeisha McKnight elaborates more on today’s champion and how you can awaken the champion within you so that you can increase your impact, influence, and income simultaneously despite current and future setbacks. As you read the book, one theme will ring loudly in your ears and this is:

“CHAMPIONS don’t just WIN, they OVERCOME.”


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Professional speaking is million dollar industry that many people only dream of entering. However, Professional Speaker Lakeisha McKnight now makes it possible for authors, coaches, novice speakers, marketers, ministry leaders, ANYONE to learn the critical steps to becoming full-time paid professional speakers. Lakeisha carefully reveals the seven steps that she used to transition from obtaining no-fee speaking opportunities to becoming a paid international public speaker within 1 years time. Learn how to turn your dream of sharing your message and strategies with the world to a reality with the concepts shared within “Professional Speaking.”


Lakeisha has accepted the call to ministry given by God. She recognized the gift to lead, teach, and preach over ten years ago. Lakeisha understands that the commission continues through her, being a vessel to reconcile the lost to God. She believes that wherever the Lord sends her, with the blessing of her pastor and spiritual father, she will go. Lakeisha also ministers to men and women in the corporate world, infusing truth principles as she conducts business.