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Literary Works

Lakeisha has published several books that has received major media attention.
Professional Speaking
Professional Speaking
How Anyone Can Master the ART and BUSINESS of Speaking
Coming soon!
24 Principles that Revitalize Purpose and Passion Within Women
Coming soon!
Go B.I.G.
Go B.I.G.
Simple Steps to Starting and Growing an Online Business Empire
Coming soon!
Deliver a Leadership T.K.O.
Deliver a Leadership T.K.O.
12v Proven Principles To Growing Your Impact, Influence and Income (COMING SOON)

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Popular brands promoted by Lakeisha McKnight.
Message Expansion Partners

Learn how to expand the reach of your message through through modern marketing strategies including blogging, article marketing, Facebook advertising, solo ads, press release creation and distribution, etc…

Lakeisha McKnight Enterprises

Hire Lakeisha to empower, inspire, and train your team on topics related to leadership, sales & marketing, or network marketing. Lakeisha also is available to provide consulting for your company as well as coaching for individuals and groups.

ILEAD (The Elite Leaders Institute)

ILEAD helps to identify and build the leader within you, your group or organization through LIVE or virtual training and mastermind opportunities. This training is available in the U.S. and in Africa.

Motivational Speakers Institute

Obtain LIVE and virtual quality training through MSI in the area of speaking. Learn how to build a professional business after learning the art of speaking. This brand also will teach the speaker how to leverage modern avenues to speak full time.

Lakeisha McKnight Ministries

Podcast and other methods by which Lakeisha shares the gospel of Jesus with the world

Legacy in-the-Making Magazine

Leverage the use of a digital magazine to leave a mark in history and reach 21+ countries with your services. This magazine serves as a global media outlet to inform the world about Lakeisha’s brands and those who choose to advertise and write in each issue.

The Elite Authors Institute

Coming soon!

BIG Business University

Coming soon!

The Virtual Messenger

Blog and primary system that helps speakers begin their careers, sharing their messages with the world.

LMBI Graphics & Web Design

Bringing life to the brands of thought leaders including speakers, authors and coaches.

LMBI Publishing

Partnering with speakers to turn their literary dreams into a reality


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