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Discover below how Lakeisha McKnight and her team helps speakers and authors below...
Speaker Services

Lakeisha and her team are competent leaders in speaking and communication. They thrive on helping entrepreneurial leaders to start from where they are to create something magical that will help them grow thriving speaking businesses.

Author Services

As a competent author, Lakeisha and her team can teach new and experiences authors how to write nonfiction books and literary works, market it and PRO-FIT to grow your influence and income.

About Lakeisha McKnight

Lakeisha McKnight is a John Maxwell Team certified speaker, trainer and coach who equips speakers, authors, coaches, network marketers and ministry leaders with training on how to succeed in business through leadership development, generating recurring income, creating profitable speaking programs and utilizing social media and offline marketing. Lakeisha started her journey as an entrepreneur 13+ years ago, stepping into the roles of minister, speaker, coach, consultant, and book publisher sharing her message globally. She is the CEO of two companies: Lakeisha McKnight Brands International and Women of Elevation Career Services International. She has published and sold several thousand of her four books, which have become best sellers and received major media attention (such as special features with ABC, NBC and International Business Times).
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International Leadership Organizations | Schools | Sororities | Religious Nonprofit Organizations | Small Businesses | U.S. Military

Helpful Book Resources

These books help authors and speakers grow as leaders and master their craft.
Series of 4 Books that Empower Women in Leadership
Series of books that empower women to become strong leaders. More specifically, these books focus on purpose discovery, relationship building and helping them become problem solvers.
Leadership T.K.O.
Leadership T.K.O.
12 Principles to Growing Your Impact, Influence, & Income (COMING SOON)
Professional Speaking
Professional Speaking
How Anyone Can Master the ART and BUSINESS of Speaking

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