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Lakeisha McKnight's Short Bio

Lakeisha McKnight partnered with the John Maxwell Team as a certified speaker, trainer and coach, equipping speakers, authors, coaches, network marketers and ministry leaders with training on how to succeed in business through leadership development, generating recurring income, creating profitable speaking programs and utilizing social media and offline marketing. Lakeisha started her journey as an entrepreneur 13+ years ago, stepping into the roles of minister, speaker, coach, consultant, and book publisher sharing her message globally. She is the CEO of two companies: Lakeisha McKnight Brands International and Women of Elevation Career Services International. She has published and sold several thousand of her four books, which have become best sellers and received major media attention (such as special features with ABC, NBC and International Business Times).
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What have thought leaders said about Lakeisha

Past & Present Clients

International Leadership Organizations | Schools | Sororities | Religious Nonprofit Organizations | Small Businesses | U.S. Military

Leadership TKO™ Manager

Housed Under The ILEAD Company LLC.
Leadership TKO™ for Speakers
Leadership TKO™ for Speakers
Empower Professionals to Build Influence and Profits Using their Branded Messages.
Leadership TKO™ for Authors
Leadership TKO™ for Authors
Empower Professionals to Build Influence and Profits By Writing and Publishing Literary Work.
Leadership TKO™ for Women
Leadership TKO™ for Women
Building Winning Lady Leaders Globally

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What Other Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and Speakers Also Are Say About Lakeisha's Work

"I struggled with discovering how to market my business on social media. I also needed to find out how to get speaking engagements that were worth my time and financial investment. I struggled with this because of not knowing how to use social media strategically to market and promote my business. With my speaking career, I didn't know where or how to look for ..."

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CEO of Powerful Business Woman
Donya Zimmerman

“I was struggling to do public speaking. I didn’t know where to began, didn’t think it was for me. I’ve had the fear of public speaking every since I was in high school. I was the student that didn’t enjoy going in front of the class and sharing my projects and would always try to avoid my turn. Having fear caused me to miss a couple of radio interviews in 2017. Lakeisha McKnight helped ..."

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Founder/Executive Director | Scars of Survival

“I was facing a huge health challenge in regards to type 2 diabetes because of my eating habits. It was causing my sugar levels to be in the 400's. By receiving tips on changing my eating habits and eating more beans and more of a vegan diet suggested by Lakeisha, I was able to go from 400 to 250 within a matter of weeks. Then, on to 157 and the..."

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Certified Coach & Speaker | John Maxwell Team

“I was dealing with a long-term illness that I wasn't prepared for financially or emotionally. I had no Plan B. I became depressed as a result because I was used to winning. I was proud of what my husband and I had created over the years but I was confronted with a test that I had no idea how I'd recover. Just like that, I felt life had abandoned me...."

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“As a leader of my own ministry, I had gotten to a place where I wanted to quit. I never lost my faith in God but lost faith in myself. I was burnt out, felt like I was a nobody and thought that my past mistakes was my handicap. It caused sleepless nights, headaches, stress, anxiety. Lakeisha, through sharing other businesses ,was like a midwife, helping me to realize that..."

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“I did not have any concrete plans in place to carry out my dream of becoming a Public Speaker. Time management concerns caused me to lack in the area of planning. This caused me to forfeit several opportunities. Lakeisha helped me become aware of the importance of time management and planning. I was able to get organized..."

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“I was facing obstacle after obstacle in terms of how to know what should I focus on. This was happened to lack of knowledge and confidence. Since Lakeisha has helped me gain confidence, I was able to start a new journey and I have taken several actions and refusing to accept any excuses like I had before. As a result of Lakeisha's training..."

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“I was facing some tough decisions about which road to go down or whether to continue as I have done. This was happening because I don't have the proper funds to adequately do what I have a passion to. It was causing me to be depressed, stop writing and I closed down for while. I was so disappointed that I could not participate like I wanted to. Lakeisha has helped me know that..."

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